Amazon & Flipkart is well known as the most definitive, secure and highly favoured E-Market for large number of shoppers. Amazon has been conceded as “Online retail seller” as a part of US retail industry. The company is said to contribute 43% towards retail sales conducted online in US. Amazon gives an access to outreach millions of customers, which an organisation may not dream to reach alone. Amazon has the most gigantic retail market the globe has witnessed till date. On today’s date Amazon has its firm stand in the 10 most powerful nations of the world. It has a huge market operating in Canada, US, Mexico, UK, India, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, China and Japan. We are the authorised Amazon global service providers, who are dedicated to render complete consultancy services to ensure your sales on the Amazon market. We administer your operations on Amazon and take the responsibility of improvising your ranking on the portal.

In simple terms Simpatico is a well performing E-commerce business consultancy global service provider who is staunched to serving the online E-commerce organisations. With our team of dedicated experts in the field of Management, technology and business we promise to support you throughout. We shall help you in planning, performing and monitor your results as well.

Our only motive is to grant you an international stand in the market. Indeed we have a tremendous record of serving a large customer base in Amazon to ensure their position in the global market. We dedicate ourselves completely to serve you well and help you grow in each aspect. You are welcome to travel the road with us, which leads a triumphant end. Following are the activities which we provide at Simpatico:

  • Setting the Merchant account
  • Central management for Amazon seller
  • Management of Amazon vendors
  • Management of Amazon FBA set up
  • Supervision.
  • Customer Support
  • Ensuring monitoring support and consultancy
  • Managing the records of cost analysis of Amazon competitors,
  • Organising Inventory
  • Developing and managing ads for Amazon
  • SEO, images, product descriptions and management of reviews
  • Surveillance
  • Latest product listing and Amazon Analytics
  • Incorporating products in daily deals
  • Scrutinising products with best results.
  • Creating demand for the product
  • Optimizing the brand using SEO.
  • To understand it better, we serve in the following ways:
  • Evaluating the results and profitability of your product before placing to sell on Amazon.
  • Listing your brand name on Amazon.
  • Advertising your product with the help of images, product descriptions, keywords etc.
  • Benefiting you with the help of Amazon SEO, to improve your ranking,
  • Creating and optimising the paid ads on Amazon
  • Managing the shipping cost and Inventory with Amazon.
  • Evaluating which one would benefit you more-Vendor, Seller or both.
  • Drifting the vendors at Amazon’s seller central and FBA program.
  • Promoting sales on international platform.
  • Safety and Accuracy of Data

We have guidelines to ensure that 100% security and accuracy of work is maintained at your service centre. We also assure our clients an eagle eye on their inventory, to guarantee timely deliveries. Therefore, we are undoubtedly your final destination to assure your success on the Amazon store.